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  • NA/NB Miata Front Lower Control Arms

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    Endurance limit measured above 3G force braking loads on race prepped Miatas

    Countless hours of CAD design and FEA testing to ensure utmost strength to weight ratio

    5.4 lbs completely assembled sub inner bushings/sphericals

    3 degrees of precise negative camber adjustment via hex screw

    Modular design

    Serviceable ball joint spherical bearing

    Innovative ball joint stud assembly that eliminates potential failure that is seen in competitor designs

    Ball joint stud sits relaxed at 20 degrees ( OEM spec )

    .5" optional suspension geometry correction built into the ball joint stud. Combined with Keisler Automation Drop spindles yields 2

    inches of front geometry correction at the LCA.

    Heim joints are not designed for control arm bending loads. We go the extra mile to offer OEM inner bushing bores that will accept all styles of OEM and aftermarket bushings along with Keisler Automation optional modular spherical assemblies.