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  • Gen2 Mazda Miata Rear Drop Spindles


    Review this drop spindle information link-  Click here

    Rear Drop Spindles

    1.5” of suspension/steering geometry correction

    13.5% reduction of geometric weight transfer compared to OEM spindles at 4.25” pinch weld ride height

    3.28lbs vs OEM 6.58lbs

    Endurance limit above 3G force under braking loads

    OEM Upper Bore Housing with optional Spherical Bearing assembly for increased rigidity/driver feel and consistent camber

    Retains OEM Wheel Bearing/Hub

    Accepts OEM ABS Sensor

    Durable electroless nickel plating

    Includes 160,000 min. yield PSI electroless nickel plated caliper bolts

    Includes stainless steel upper bushing set screws