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  • Gen2 Mazda Miata Front Drop Spindles


    Review this drop spindle information link-  Click here

    Front Drop Spindles

    1.5” of suspension/steering geometry correction

    14.5% reduction of geometric weight transfer compared to OEM spindles at 4.25” pinch weld ride height

    Exponentially reduces dynamic toe/bump steer

    3 degrees negative camber built into spindle

    2.33lbs vs OEM 5.48lbs

    Endurance limit above 3 G force braking loads

    Uses Timken Front Hub Assemblies which provide superior bearing strength/longevity

    Internal ABS Sensor located within hub assembly

    Durable electroless nickel plating-Includes

    Includes 160,000 min. yield PSI electroless nickel plated hub assembly bolts