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  • Complete NA/NB Modular Spherical bearing kit

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    Complete NA/NB Modular Spherical bearing kit consisting of 22 units totaling 154 components with installation.

    If you are looking to have spherical bearings installed in less than a complete set of arms, please contact us for pricing.

    The spherical bearings are easily serviceable and very affordable to replace ($120.00 for all 22 bearings)

    We ONLY offer in-house installation for spherical bearings. Here is why:

    We have jigs built to eliminate the risk of bending control arms while removing the OEM bushings.

    The OEM control arm bores hold very poor tolerances. We bore these holes out .003-.008" to fit our slightly over sized spherical bearing bodies.

    The fitment of the rear lower control arm outer bearings and front upper control arms bearings is very critical as these joints use the mazda long bolts. If there is any slop between the misalignment spacers to rear spindle and misalignment spacers to front crossmember tube, this will place large amounts of preload on the bearings. We tune the placement of the bearing bodies to fit perfectly without any preload.


    Please provide us with overly secure packaging when sending in your control arms/ rear spindles. We don't want a box to arrive with an arm sticking halfway out!

    Please provide a return shipping label in the box.

    Please provide all control arm bushing mounting hardware installed through the OEM bushings

    We prefer you ship with UPS, but it is not mandatory.

    Installation turn around time is 2 business days.

    Questions? Call Andrew at 865-661-8823

    Review this Spherical bearing installation information link-  Click here